“Guided by the Spirit”.  Jami S. shared a focus moment explaining the concept of the Trinity.  It was excellent for the kids, but just as good for the rest of us.  She asked the kids to think of a word, the hold their hand cupped together in front of their mouth and speak the word.  The thought represents God, the action of speaking represents Jesus and the breath on our hands represents the Holy Spirit.  Pretty cool, huh?

Larry B. brought our message continuing the challenge from Marilee M. last week to “move in deeper”.  He talked about how Jesus prepared the disciples for his absence by teaching them about the Holy Spirit.  He used both a map and GPS to illustrate things we use to guide us and equated those items to allowing the Holy Spirit to be our guide and to show us the way.  Unlike our modern technology, the Holy Spirit is always with us and available to us – it does not break down!

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