A Testimony – Alisha Bauman

Fear holds us captive, hindering our first steps toward living by Christ’s example.
Fear is our greatest foe. Fear of failure to open ourselves to God’s directions. Fear of being too tired from every day life. Fear of being able to keep meeting the needs of the congregation. And fear of the unknown.
– Alisha Bauman, Teamwork Overcomes Fear, Herald Vol.157 No.8, p 31

Photo of Alisha Bauman-Farley
Alisha Bauman-Farley
Community of Christ» Contributor

Alisha is a member of the Community of Christ Indianapolis Congregation.  She was instrumental in helping expand the congregation’s imagination and become vulnerable to the spirit through Smore Hangout.  Alisha also helps bring inspiration to life in the form of art throughout the forum (with the large mural) and several sacramental paintings throughout the sanctuary. Additionally, Alisha served as our Mission Center Youth Minister for several years.

She currently serves as a stay at home mom to a very active three year old, Adelyn – who when present graces us with running about and sometimes even dancing along (Adelyn that is)!