I’ve Been Busy…
By MIKAL FARLEY, Indianapolis, Indiana USA

I’ve been busy recently preparing for camp, reworking our website, working on our mission center social media pages and getting ready for the busy season ahead.   But I am renewed; I am overjoyed; I am excited for you to experience the season ahead, the posts to come on our Mission Center pages and on the Indianapolis pages. Moreover, I am excited because I am a disciple.

I’ve looked at this phrase every day; I’ve spoken it to myself over and over again, so much so, that it’s become second nature.  God where will your Spirit lead me today?  What adventure, what experience, what vulnerability will you lead me to today? Who can I help, who can I be there for? What I’ve found is that even though I find time or opportunity to be present for others; I am the one ministered to time and time again.  God’s love is shared through the experience of vulnerable mission.

It’s through our Community, through compassionate solidarity to those who are poor, oppressed, marginalized, and looked down upon – it’s there where God’s love is most prevalent.  What’s their story? Have you stopped to listen? God, where will your Spirit lead today?

We as individuals value belonging, we value solidarity. We are looked upon every day to see our behaviors as no one else is watching – to see our grace fill each other’s lives.  We are here to build each other up; not tear others down.  God’s love is revealed in our actions.

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me

I pass by a street corner every day on my way to work and the same individual has stood out on the corner with a sign that reads “homeless vet” for the past 4 years.  I’ve never taken the time to ask his story; will today be the day?

There’s a local donation center that I’ve alway’s *meant* to get to – so I can volunteer; will today be the day?

There’s a local food bank just down the road looking for volunteers (any time besides the holidays) will today be the day?

Well, maybe not – The homeless vet – the local news channel did a news report on him a few years back… he’s not really homeless; nor the rest of his little group. The donation center; we’ve donated some items to, and turns out, the non-profit – just means their CEO makes a lot of money.  The food bank?  Well, I’ve been busy; you know full time job, full time Dad, full time husband, … and you know all these important blogs to post …

The reality is / my reality is; maybe my adventure is just part of my daily life. Maybe my vulnerability is being receptive to where God is leading me in the moment of daily living.  Maybe it’s not just about these grand volunteer opportunities – the ‘I’d like to do that sometime’ opportunities; but, instead it’s about how am I ‘living it out?’

God’s Mission is expressed best when individual’s become vulnerable to God’s grace towards each other through the blessing of community. Through a smile, through words of encouragement, through sacred community that builds nurturing and growing opportunities.  We are called to build each other up; be positive and share the love and peace of God.

I’m not proclaiming we shouldn’t volunteer or stop for the homeless.  What I am proclaiming is that we should allow God to be disruptive to our lives.  We should allow God’s mission to be lived out in our daily actions. God’s mission doesn’t just take place in major volunteer opportunities; sometimes – often times; the mission of Christ happens when we least expect it – it happens when we are not expecting the opportunity.  Are you fully awake and ready to respond?

“God, where will your Spirit lead today? Help me be fully awake and ready to respond. Grant me the courage to risk something new and become a blessing of your love and peace. Amen.”

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Mikal Farley
Priest Community of Christ • Indianapolis• Webmaster

Mikal Farley serves as the Public Information chair for the Indianapolis Congregation. He also serves as a Public Information Advisor to the Kentucky-Indiana USA Mission Center.

Mikal has worked for Herschend Family Entertainment Corp.; Ashley Nostalgia; and most recently he continues to work for a global consumer electronics company as a technician and trainer.

Mikal serves the Community of Christ in the capacity of a Priest.  Priests represent Christ primarily as ministers of presence who model Jesus as Friend in households, families, congregations, and community.