I want to repeat the call that our Mission Center just posted to our social media pages because it highlights our calling as a congregation.  Our Congregation isn’t secluded; we’re in the middle of a neighborhood.  Are we embracing the fulness of our name?  Where is God calling us?  as an individual? as a family member? as a member of the community? as a congregation?  as a mission center?  Where are we being called? Where are we being lead?

“Community of Christ,” your name, given as a divine blessing, is your identity and calling. If you will discern and embrace its full meaning, you will not only discover your future, you will become a blessing to the whole creation. Do not be afraid to go where it beckons you to go.

Doctrine and Covenants 163:1

The Essential Missional Question (from Leading Congregations in Mission)

How do we discern, embrace and risk living fully into our identity and calling as Community of Christ in a changing world?

Discern – How do we encounter new insights?

Embrace – How do we make space for these new insights even when they may be disruptive to our preconceived notions?

Risk Living – How do we take initial steps to experiment with the insights as we try new ways of being disciples and the church?

Community – How does the word “Community” draw from the well of our sacred story and point us in the direction of our future?

Christ – Who is the living Christ – the Word made flesh to us? How do we live and convey his world-changing message today?

Changing World – How do we relate our evolving ways of being and doing to neighborhoods, townships, and surrounding cities of Indianapolis?


“God, where will your Spirit lead today?
Help me be fully awake and ready to respond.
Grant me the courage to risk something new and
become a blessing of your love and peace.


Photo of Mikal Farley
Mikal Farley
Priest Community of Christ • Indianapolis• Webmaster

Mikal Farley serves as the Public Information chair for the Indianapolis Congregation. He also serves as a Public Information Advisor to the Kentucky-Indiana USA Mission Center.

Mikal has worked for Herschend Family Entertainment Corp.; Ashley Nostalgia; and most recently he continues to work for a global consumer electronics company as a technician and trainer.

Mikal serves the Community of Christ in the capacity of a Priest.  Priests represent Christ primarily as ministers of presence who model Jesus as Friend in households, families, congregations, and community.