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My granddaughter, Rebecca, is a happy little girl who loves to play outside and snuggle under a blanket on the couch.  She just turned four-years old in December.  She is friendly and does not know the difference between a friend and a stranger.

Rebecca was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder shortly after her second birthday.  She is nonverbal.  While she can hear fine, she usually does not respond to spoken language.  She is intelligent, but not able to learn in a traditional manner.  For the past year, she has spent over forty-hours a week in therapy.  She is always looking for the opportunity to run and explore, regardless of the dangers involved.

The developmental pediatrician at Indiana University School of Medicine stated that a service dog will be a benefit for Rebecca.  I have teamed with Service Dogs by Warren Retrievers to make that happen.  Through fundraising on behalf of that organization, Rebecca will receive a highly-trained service dog that will help Rebecca with appropriate social interaction, communication, and other aspects of daily living.  The service dog will also help protect Rebecca from the dangers of running off and exploring.

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