The congregation discussed different types of spiritual disciplines.  In addition to those that are normally thought of, such as prayer, fasting, scripture study, some mentioned were meditation, singing, practicing gratitude, typing up a daily devotion and listening to music/the radio.  It was decided that spiritual disciplines are anything that we do to connect with God and/or deepen/strengthen that connection.

Cindy shared prayer beads that she and Jami made at a spiritual retreat last fall at the Temple.  She talked about using the beads as a spiritual discipline and members of the congregation were able to assemble their own set to take home and use.

Do you have a favorite spiritual practice?  Maybe the spiritual practice which you prefer has changed over time.

Looking to try something new or to get started in a spiritual practice? Take a look at these Spiritual Practices from world church!

Do you participate in a spiritual practice?
If not, would you give it a try this week?

Why do you think Spiritual practices are beneficial?

How do spiritual practices draw you closer to God’s love?

God of Rest – We praise You for the beautiful weekend and the opportunity to share with family and friends over a holiday week.  We are thankful for these relationships that give us a chance to put sharing the love of Christ into practice.  We know that just as we love our family and our friends, you love us too – even more than we can imagine.  We were reminded again today of ways to stay connected with you, to deepen our connection with You.  Your presence surrounds us always, we just need to acknowledge that presence and open ourselves up to Your Spirit.  May each of Your children find a way to that deeper connection.  May we rest in that connect, drawing strength and peace.  May we then take that ever present Spirit to those who don’t yet know the blessing on Your love.  May we truly be a Community of Christ as the hands and feet of Jesus in our community.  We pray this in the name of Your Son, Jesus.  Amen.