By Mikal Farley, Indianapolis, Indiana

Do you ever wake up in super early in the morning for no real reason at all? For the past several months I’ve been waking up around 3:30 – 4 in the morning as if my alarm clock is going off and it’s time to go to work.  At first, I tried to bargain for a little more time (I tried to go back to sleep); but, when I couldn’t I slumbered up, made some coffee, put on some worship music, and started working on some this website and our Mission Center Facebook pages.

I’ve been away from “church” for a while, not intentionally, but with life’s circumstances and a lot of unknowns, I haven’t been to the building very often.  Something I’ve always wanted to be able to do was / is express my faith even outside of the walls of the church building.  I’ve felt driven to share the abundance of love and peace with others – but I’m an introvert (I’m not sure those of you who see me at church realize that; but, yes, I’m very much an introvert).  When I’m at church, I struggle because I am an ‘against the walls – not towards the middle’ type of person.

The time away has allowed me to take time to discern how can I be an effective disciple when I cannot be physically present all the time.  It’s allowed me to experience God’s beauty in other places, experience God’s love in places I wouldn’t otherwise expect to find it.  The time away has encouraged me to share my witness with others and become even more vulnerable to God’s spirit.

I now wake up at 3:30 – 4 A.M. excited – and say Good Morning, God – It’s me again where are you leading me today?  Because, it’s still morning and even the Sun hasn’t yet awaken from it’s nightly slumber, I wake to see all of God’s beauty begin to come to life for the day. I have intentional time with God to discern where am I being lead and I have the opportunity to share in Christ’s Mission – Our Mission through our social pages, through our website, through the Mission Center pages.  I have the opportunity to share my testimony with others and share the “Good News” of love and peace.

So, I continue to involuntarily wake up in the wee hours of the morning and move right into mission.  God’s work has no time table; God’s work is disruptive; God’s work is rewarding; God’s work is a blessing. My testimony is the testimony of love and peace.  My testimony is of agency.  My testimony is of a caring God who accepts each one of us – excluding no one – The Creator takes us where we are and  invites us to deepen our relationship.  God doesn’t care about trivial things, God cares that you know Love, Peace, Hope, and Joy.

To share Love with another is one of the most rewarding things I can do.  If you have not experienced the love of Christ, I invite you right now to invite Christ into your heart. Turn away from intentional sin (not what others may proclaim as ‘sin,’ but vices that drive you away from Christ’s unconditional Love), believe Jesus died and rose again, and receive the gift of eternal life by faith alone. We have all fallen short, we are all sinners; but, we (as a congregation and individuals) are not put here to judge. Instead, we are here to be brothers and sisters and support each other in our walks together.

Photo of Mikal Farley
Mikal Farley
Priest Community of Christ • Indianapolis• Webmaster

Mikal Farley serves as the Public Information chair for the Indianapolis Congregation. He also serves as a Public Information Advisor to the Kentucky-Indiana USA Mission Center.

Mikal has worked for Herschend Family Entertainment Corp.; Ashley Nostalgia; and most recently he continues to work for a global consumer electronics company as a technician and trainer.

Mikal serves the Community of Christ in the capacity of a Priest.  Priests represent Christ primarily as ministers of presence who model Jesus as Friend in households, families, congregations, and community.