The theme of today’s service was “Give from Our True Capacity”.  The congregation watched a video from Steve and McClain Graffeo using the “Generosity Ladder” to explain principles of generosity and the meaning of true capacity.  We learned that being generous can become a habit.  We should always be considering whether our gifts of time, talent and treasure are all that we have to offer, or if we have more to share.  Take time to view the message on the Community of Christ YouTube channel.  You can find it by searching “Generosity Ladder

Below are the steps from the Generosity Ladder described in the video.  

  1. Recognize that all the gifts we receive come from God.
  2. Get started giving consistently.
  3. Be a good steward and align your heart and money.
  4. Give to your true capacity.
  5. Be an example of extravagant generosity.

“Creator God –  Your generosity toward us, your children, is overwhelming and without end.  We thank You for all of the blessings that You pour over us.  May our hearts be filled with gratitude and a desire to share that abundance with those around us.  May we see new opportunities to be givers, as well as receivers.  Above all, may our sharing include the gift of Your grace and the peace of Your Son, in whose name we pray.  Amen.”