Kevin Blanchard brought the message today focusing on the theme “Be Wise”, which is based upon Matthew 25:1-13.  Kevin interpreted the scripture to point out that the bridegroom is Jesus, the church is the bridesmaids and the oil is our faith.  Our oil (faith) can be increased through prayer, study and acts of service, among other things.  When something is important to us, we plan for it.  We prepare for it.

  • What are we doing in our own faith journeys to prepare ourselves and to be ready?
  • Are we planting seeds and sharing our faith with others?
  • Are we making wise decisions?


Prayer of Intercession –

Loving and Wise Creator, we have shared our joys and concerns with one another and with you. You have heard us name those who stand in need of wholeness. We seek your blessing of comfort, presence, and healing for those named and for others whose names will be silently lifted to you now. 

We trust in your compassion for your children and offer this prayer seeking your special blessing on their behalf. In the name of the One who healed many during his years of ministry, Jesus Christ. Amen