The congregation explored the theme by watching a video entitled “Who is Jesus to Me?” from World Church.  You can watch it by going to the following web address:

After watching the video, we spent some time exploring how we would answer the question:

•  What about you?
• Who is Jesus to You?

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Isn’t it wonderful that his life and example has different meanings to each of us and perhaps even different meanings to us at different times in our lives?


From the Daily Bread Blog for Saturday, November 25th:

Up early preparing
Candles lit
Coffee brewing

These words come to mind:
I have everything I need.
I really do. I have everything I need.
For once I don’t ask for anything.
I dwell in gratitude and feel my heart
Softening, opening.

I watch morning light spill out over the world
As I consider the responsibilities of the day,
The people I will encounter,
The calling that compels me.

I feel the God-space within me expanding—
These moments, still and silent,
Instrumental in all I do.

Sacred Creator,
How, today, can I assist in the
Opening of others to your presence?
How can I be used in holy ways?
We come together looking for what is real
And also terrified we may find it—
May find You,
Confronter of our assumptions and norms.

I work blindly in the hidden spaces of heart.
You guide me.
May I be wise enough,
Attentive enough,
To listen and follow.

Written by Katie Harmon-McLaughlin of Walnut Creek, CA