1. Where do you see Jesus amid the chaos and turmoil in our world?
  2. What does a posture of hope look like to you?

The congregation was asked to consider these questions.

Aaron B. shared his reflections on the questions with the congregation.

He observed that chaos and turmoil are often rooted in loss, which caused him to think of the 23rd Psalm.  We aren’t promised that Jesus will lift us up out of the valley, but that he will accompany us through it.  We can see Christ in other people as they walk with us through difficult times, times of loss and times of despair.

For the second question, he reflected that when there is hope, there probably also is some kind of fear or dread underlying that emotion.  When we have a posture of hope, we acknowledge that underlying fear, but we face it and look for Christ within that experience.  We recognize God’s presence and we trust God’s goodness.