Today’s message was brought by Carla Long through her video “Be the Message”.  Carla shared the premise of one of her favorite books called “I am the Messenger”.  She told the story of the main character, Ed, who is a self-proclaimed loser and certainly could be called “ordinary”.  Ed begins receiving playing cards in the mail with addresses on them.  Curious, he goes to each address and encounters a variety of people and situations.  In each situation, he enters into relationship with the person he encounters.  His life, and theirs, is made better because of his willingness to be open to share.  In the last line of the book, Ed says, I’m not actually the messenger at all.  I am the message.”

Carla explained how the message of the book relates to each of us and proclaiming the good news.  We are not called to be messengers, but to actually be the message.  I encourage each of you to watch Carla’s beautiful message.  It is a beautiful reminder for us, particularly this advent season.  You can find it here:!

Christmas Prayer

Holy Spirit of joy and hope, of new birth and celebration, bless each one with a spirit of worship and awareness as we search again for your star. May we rediscover the deep and simple joys of a sacred season.

Blur from our eyes the sparkling garland and let them reflect, instead, the light of Christ. Raise our hearing above the clamor of commerce and let us listen to the bells of freedom and justice. As we enjoy the fragrance of pine and evergreen, may its purity clarify our understanding of heaven and nature—singing—in harmony…

At this advent, we pray in the name of the newborn and Living Christ. Amen.

—Lu Mountenay