God gives and loves graciously and generously! We know that all we are and all we have are gifts from God. As followers of Jesus, our whole-life commitment is in response to God’s wonderful generosity. Being generous is about aligning our priorities with God’s priorities, aligning our hearts with God’s heart.

What is our response as disciples of Jesus? In simple terms, we are called to respond with thankfulness and share with others as generously as God has shared with us. The following six spiritual practices of A Disciple’s Generous Response guide us in managing and sharing our resources:

Be Generous

God gifts each person with boundless grace and unending love. Our response to that love and grace is to serve others and let generosity become part of our nature.

Be Dependable

God’s unconditional love for each of us is expressed through the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. When we faithfully respond to that ministry we become accountable to one another, God, and ourselves.

Manage Your Money

Managing the money we have, no matter the amount, expresses our desire to love and help God, neighbors, ourselves, and the world. When we focus our giving on God’s purposes, our hearts become more aligned with God’s heart.

Share Joyfully

Tithing is a gift of thanksgiving to God in response to God’s generous gifts to us. When we share our tithes, the church can spread joy, hope, love, and peace around the world so others can experience God’s generosity, too.

Save Wisely

Saving is a way to prepare for the future. It gives us the chance to extend our love and create a better tomorrow for our families, friends, the church’s mission, and the world.

Spend Carefully

Responsibly spending is a commitment to live a healthy, happy life together with God and others. The teachings of Jesus challenge us to make lifestyle choices that are often countercultural.

Ready to Contribute?

eTithing available:

eTithing from SecureGive allows you to give once or set up recurring payments online! Don’t worry, this system is managed by our international headquarters (http://cofchrist.org) and you manage your payment methods right from online (and yes, it’s safe and secure)!

Go Fund Mission

Looking for a way to contribute openly to mission; but, not the local congregation? Well, international headquarters has heard your request and developed this innovative way contribute! Check it out

Outreach International

Looking for a good cause to give to? We recommend Outreach International – For more than 30 years, Outreach International has provided sustainable solutions to help end extreme poverty around the world.