Our worship service was small in number today, but the Spirit was very strong.  We enjoyed a great fellowship.  As part of the worship we performed the sacrament of administration.

Laying on of Hands for the Sick (Administration)

Any person who is sick or faces spiritual or emotional challenges may ask for a special prayer of blessing.

During this sacrament, ministers of the church lay their hands on the head of the person and anoint the person with a drop of consecrated oil. The oil symbolizes the love of God. The ministers then offer a prayer asking for God’s blessing in the person’s unique situation.

The sacrament is usually performed in the privacy of a home, hospital room, or quiet area of the church. It is available to all regardless of membership.


If you are seeking a special prayer, please contact us and we would be honored to ask a blessing for your unique situation.

Lord, this is a day You have made and we are rejoicing and glad.  Thank You for giving us this day.  We have much to be thankful and grateful for – in fact, we are thankful for every single minute of our lives, even the challenging minutes.  Today we lift our friends and loved ones to You, that You might shower them with blessings.  Blessings they will recognize as coming from You, their Heavenly Parent, who loves them unconditionally.    We thank You for the blessings shared this day with the congregation and for the blessings that went un-shared, but we know are there.  In the name of the One we serve. Amen.

Photo of Cindy Rugg
Cindy Rugg
Mission Center President Kentucky-Indiana Mission CenterMission Center

Cindy Rugg is the Mission Center President for the Kentucky Indiana Mission Center.

The Mission Center has thirteen different congregations and one campground.  Cindy  has formerly served as the Pastor of the Indianapolis congregation.  Prior to this, she spent a good portion of her professional career as a Banker.

Cindy serves in the Priesthood capacity of a High Priest.  The High Priests represent Christ primarily as ministers especially through the proclamation and promotion of of ministry through the congregation, mission center, and communities.  They lead the sacramental ministries, promote community, promote justice and peace; all while creating nurturing partnerships.