[Sunday, April 10, 2016] Today we shared in the worship service considering the theme “Do You Love Me?”  Our speaker was Mike D. from Louisville.  Prior to Mike’s message Jami shared in a children’s moment using the story of Peter after Jesus was resurrected where Jesus was standing on the shore and the ‘guys’ were out fishing.  They were not catching any fish until ‘the guy on the shore’ suggested they throw their net off the other side of the boat.  It was then Peter realized Jesus was ‘Jesus’.  After hauling in their nets, all the disciples and Jesus shared in a meal.  Following the meal was when Jesus asked Peter 3 times about loving Him and if so to feed His sheep.  Mike used this story as the basis for his message.  He explained we sometimes use the boat as our anchor when we should be using ‘Jesus’ as our anchor.  We need to climb out of the boat and swim toward the ‘guy on the shore’.

Mike brought Kate and Lori M. along with him.  Kate and Lori provided the ministry of music – what a blessing.  Thank you, Lori and Kate and thank you Mike for bringing them along!