[UPDATED] Happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies out there who show God’s love to those around them through their “mothering” skills, whether by birth or by affection.

 We shared in worship today considering the theme “Proclaim Jesus Christ”.  Bob B. shared the message using a can of SPAM as a prop to make the congregation consider how we live out the Worth of All Persons in our daily lives.  Before Jesus ascended, he blessed the disciples and challenged them to continue blessing others.

Bob talked about SPAM being an “inferior” good that may not be something we like or something we think well of, just as there are individuals or groups of people who are not well thought of or who are ignored.  Bob asked us to consider how Jesus would describe SPAM and through comparison, how we are to reach, include, and bless the “least of these”.

How would Jesus describe a can of Spam?
How would Jesus describe us?

Do we give others our blessing?
Do we speak well of others?

How do we share God’s blessing with others?

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